How to measure

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It's all in the details. If your instrument is not available in our archive of over 1,000 models, we will send you the appropriate materials (sheet) for making your template.



A total of five dimensions are required in order for us to provide a quote for the production of a piano cover.


Here’s how:

  1. Measure the total height at the back of the piano (measure A)
  2. Measure the total depth of the piano (measure B) from the back to the edge of the keyboard.
  3. Measure the height in the front (dimension C) from the floor to above the keyboard.
  4. Measure the depth at the top (dimension D)
  5. Measure the total length (dimension E)
  6. When measuring A and C, subtract off a few centimeters so that the cover doesn't hit the floor. It's up to your discretion.

ATTENTION: The seam is added by Pianodecken Dimbath.