Answers to frequently asked questions

With the following answers to frequently asked questions, we would like to give you important general information about ordering, processing and making piano covers. If you have any further questions - please contact us!


We have templates for the production of piano covers from all well-known piano manufacturers. If there is no template available, we will be happy to make your cover using a template you’ve made. We will provide you with the necessary materials (sheet) to make the template.

Embroidery with logo and / or writing is only possible when using material 2 (artificial leather). Available colors: gold, yellow, white, silver, red.

More information

Dimbath piano covers are available for purchase directly from us by manufacturers, dealers and end customers.

Through an additional locking system, your cover protects against unauthorized access. This is particularly of interest for museums, theaters, schools, concert halls, etc.

Dimbath piano covers are manufactured in our factory in Erlangen, Germany.

Of course! All our covers are custom-made. Discuss your wishes with our team.

Our prices for grand pianos or historical instruments are based on length. For upright pianos, prices are based on height. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.

We recommend foam padding in every case. For transportation covers, we recommend using mat. 5 - heavy canvas with foam padding. Our mat. 5 has 4 additional reinforced corners for protection during transportation.

You can choose from four materials - each with different properties. Strong artificial leather, high-quality nylon fabric, heavy canvas and high-strength polyester fabric.

Here you will find the instructions for using our locking systems on   GRAND PIANO AND CEMBALO COVERS and on  UPRIGHT PIANO COVERS.

For the production of a grand piano or upright piano cover, we need 2-3 weeks after receipt of the order or after receipt of the template.

Yes, if needed, we can produce your cover within a short period of time for an additional fee.

Shipping costs depend on weight.

Yes, Dimbath piano covers can be purchased directly from us by end customers.

No, our covers are made to order and customer specifications.

No, for historical instruments, we would need to be provided with a template.